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Ethereum ETHEthereum ETH


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ETH calculator:

eth =
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ETH price:

1 ETH = 220.060000 USD
1 ETH = 196.300000 EUR
1 ETH = 176.660000 GBP
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​datalight​-has-launched-real-usage-index-that-allows-to-track-and-compare-the-activities-of-different-blockchains ​DataLight​ has Launched Real Usage Index That Allows to Track and Compare the Activities of Different Blockchains - Blockchain is an accounting book available for everybody, and there are plenty of metrics that allow tracking data in it. Metrics like the quantity of transactions, quantity of receiving and sending addresses, available and maximum supply, average and maximum value of transaction, mining and block size information allow to have
token-startup-founder-took-steps-to-sue-lubin,-consensys-for-$13-million Token Startup Founder Took Steps to Sue Lubin, ConsenSys for $13 Million - news Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin could soon be sued by a former employee, according to court documents filed in New York. Harrison Hines, former head of Token Foundry at Lubin’s Brooklyn-based venture studio ConsenSys, began the process of filing a legal complaint in June against his former employer. The complaint
disgusted-bitcoin-trader-says-price-charts-mimic-an-ugly-‘penny-stock’ Disgusted Bitcoin Trader Says Price Charts Mimic an Ugly ‘Penny Stock’ - It’s a tough day to be trading crypto, it seems, with at least one Bitcoin trader comparing the $185 billion cryptocurrency’s price charts to a “penny stock.”Garbage trading right now. Scalped a few profitable trades but it’s mostly just whales pumping and dumping.Neutral for now, but death cross on 4

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