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2 Million Crypto Storage Wallets Have Now Been Downloaded from Bitcoin.com

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March 15, 2018

Bitcoin Payments As Easy As a Touch on Your Phone

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Founders of the Bitcoin.com wallet have announced this week the milestone reached of over 2 million wallets created, which has happened over a period of just 7 months. The non-custodial wallet allows users to send and receive both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The fast growth of the Bitcoin.com digital wallet can be attributed to the huge increase in the interest and demand for Bitcoin usage recently. The wallet has been downloaded by individual users thousands of times each week since it’s release in August 2017. The multi-currency wallet storing BHC and BTC is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems, on both mobile and desktop devices. The funds stored are not held by any third party or by Bitcoin.com, but allows users to store their private keys themselves. This is preferable to those who wish to maintain full privacy of their accounts.

Wallet Features

The Bitcoin.com wallet strengthens security by allowing multi-signature wallets where spending controls can be enabled on more than one device. This allows multiple users to monitor wallet transactions on shared or business accounts.

New additions to the client’s interface include compatibility with Bitpay’s Payment Protocol, enhancing the user’s experience by simplifying the transaction method when paying Bitpay invoices. This is offered by just 6 other crypto storage wallets. As well as this, the Bitcoin.com wallet now utilizes ShapeShift’s API, enabling the features of Shapeshift. This allows users to exchange BTC for BCH within the wallets interface.

The open source Bitcoin.com Wallet plans to adopt new features in the upcoming future, with one of the ideas being pursued the ability to provide debit card top-ups. Developers are also researching BCH-chain colored coin management. This would allow the Bitcoin Cash network to create token based assets through ‘coloured coins’, keeping them at the forefront of similar technological advances.

Roger Ver, Bitcoin.com CEO

In a recent statement, Roger laid out his perspective for the future of his flagship product. He noted that as the demand for BHC continues to grow, multiple industries are redesigning their payment structures to enable the use of cryptocurrencies. As the usage of the Bitcoin.com wallet doubled in less than three months, he puts this down to the growing industry support for cryptocurrencies. Roger seeks to constantly improve and update the features of the wallet not only for the growth of his company but to support the overall improvement of the bitcoin ecosystem.

About Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com is the primary source for many looking for things related to Bitcoin. It offers numerous service, including assistance for those wishing to buy BCH, how to participate in cloud mining and keeping enthusiasts informed with the latest crypto news. As a commercial website, Bitcoin.com lists exchange platforms, wallets, and additional bitcoin services and companies. A popular service on the platform is its document sharing use. Through enabling blockchain technology, the platform offers a say way to share private documents that are traceable back to the original owner. This is offered for a small fee of 0.0005 BCH.

Two million wallets created may not be the most significant milestone for Bitcoin.com if the demand for crypto services continues to grow.

To learn more about Bitcoin.com visit the website, find them on Facebook and follow Bitcoin.com on Twitter.

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