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Saw one of the greatest threads before heading to bed Sunday night on Reddit:

AEON Pocket : Secure Web Wallet for AEON from Aeon

AEONFor those unfamiliar; AEON is a decentralized cryptocurrency, running on CryptoNight-Lite. Block time is currently 240 seconds with a maximum supply of 18.4 million.
Source: http://www.aeon.cash/

Let’s take a look at what’s inside. Visit: https://aeonpocket.com/#!/home

The homepage looks easy enough. We’re presented with a bootstrap website that works great (during my initial tests) on both desktop and mobile.

AEON Pocket - Web wallet for AEON

I already have a wallet with AEON’s Phoenix (, but this seems quite refreshing since it is web based, has a GUI and does not look like MS-DOS from 1994 – Ease of use! If you are familiar with running aeond and simplewallet (Phoenix), then you know about the RAM consumption and how long it takes to get synced up with the blockchain before you can use it. At first glance this wallet takes all of those pains away! Best of all, it’s in your browser, meaning I can now send/receive AEON on the fly!

So let’s get started with creating an account and have a look at what’s inside. Once you select “Create an Account” you will be brought to the following page and presented with 2 options: “CREATE NEW WALLET” or “USE EXISTING SEED”. If you already have an AEON wallet you can load it from here by selecting “USE EXISTING SEED”. For the sake of this article we went with “CREATE NEW WALLET”.

Create a wallet for AEON

Again this just gets easier and easier and we couldn’t be more thrilled seeing a very similar MyMonero experience for AEON! OK, so once we have selected “CREATE NEW WALLET”, we are presented with our private login key. You will want to write this down (copy/paste) and store in it a safe place as this is how you will login to check your balance, send/receive, etc. So in other words, DO NOT LOSE THIS SEED! Losing this seed means that your access to this wallet is likely lost, including any AEON that you may have held. Once you have noted your seed, you can paste it into the confirmation box and hit “CONFIRM MY PRIVATE LOGIN KEY” to continue. Again, I think most people will find this incredibly easy to use and self explanatory. But if you do have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to get you the answers or help needed.

Confirm your AEON private key

So really in about 10 seconds you now have an AEON wallet and can send/receive AEON! This is day/night when compared to simplewallet and aeond! I think the first time I synced aeond with the blockchain it took a few hours. With AEON Pocket, I really had an account (wallet address) and access to my account within a few moments. Now lets take a look at the account screen. Again this should all seem self explanatory. You will notice the refresh symbol in the upper right – This is to sync your wallet with the blockchain to see any incoming/outgoing transfers. If you have funds on the way and you already have the window open you can just refresh your blockchain connection instead of re-loading the entire screen.

AEON Pocket - Account Home - My Wallet

Since this is a new account, it currently looks pretty empty, but the basics are all there. The options available include, Send, Receive and Review Account. Again, a very clean and fresh interface presents us with the SEND AEON screen. Here you can paste another AEON address, enter the total that you would like to transfer and include a Payment ID if necessary.

Send AEON - AEON Pocket - My Wallet

The Receive AEON screen also appears easy to use. You have a QR Code that changes in real time as you enter in the wallet address, amount, etc. There is also a link you can send that includes your payment data so that the user sending AEON, only has to click a link. I did not test this out so don’t have any information about whether it works or not or how it works.

AEON Pocket - Receive AEON - My Wallet

Review Account is your private account information. Here is where you can find your Spend Key (required if you want to send AEON) and your private login key will show up here again. Copy all of this info down as you may never know if ever need to recover this again. I can’t tell you how many Bitcoin millionaires there could have been! I have seen a lot of threads on Reddit where the user claims that they had 60 Bitcoins and have no access to this money.  Imagine the frustration!!

AEON Pocket - Account Details - My Wallet

Hope this helped you with creating a wallet for AEON! Overall, I think this will be welcomed by the AEON community and is certainly a step in the right direction! Keep in mind that this application is currently in a beta phase, so if you run into trouble it should be temporary. You can contact the guys at AEON Pocket via Twitter or on Reddit if you have any questions or run into trouble.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the box below and I will do my best to get back to you and get you the information needed. As always, please give us a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook!

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