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AgroTechFarm Launches ICO to Help You Grow Your Own Strawberries

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February 13, 2018

AgroTechFarm steers up the ecofriendly way to organic food all year around. Contribute now and you will be loaded with homegrown strawberries to surprise your partner for the next Valentine Day.

The ATF Home Grower is a unique farming appliance, designed by AgroTechFarm for the easy home cultivation of all sorts of herbs, fruits and vegetables. With the amazing counter-top hydroponic technique, ATF home farm turns the process of indoor growing into a game as it does not require any professional backgrounds and can effortlessly be controlled via smartphone or tablet.

Developing the ATF Home Grower, AgroTechFarm initiates customers to reveal their inner farmer-self and grow healthy fruits and vegetables independently of weather conditions.

Why Indoor Farming?

The reason behind the project relates to a serious health problem of the AgroTechFarm founder, Ilya Tsigvin. However, while struggling with his own disease, Ilya have come up with the solution applicable to everyone who wants to make a healthy lifestyle part of his or her routine.

After careful medical observation Ilya found out that, there is no better treatment than organic food. Unfortunately, due to rough weather conditions, it is impossible to grow any crop in winter, so fresh tomatoes have to travel more than 2500 km before finally appear in your salad.

This means those farmers, who import fresh fruits and vegetable during winter period, frequently use chemicals together with silicone sprays and colorants to make their plants overcome long distances and still keep staying visually appealing.

Seeking out for clean and chemicals free food become even more difficult. So the question has raised: how to stay healthy while cover the needs for fresh and organic food without overheads?

The Solution

You have probably come up with half of the solution yourself. Only growing your own fully organic food makes your life completely chemicals free.

However only a few of us can boast to have a garden at home and even if you are lucky, farming is exhausting and quite complicated process that requires not only willingness but also special skills and equipment.

To combat emerging issues, AgroTechFarm provides customers with the cutting-edge ATF Home Grower that allows access to almost daily fresh produce ready for consumption all year round.

The new product is a high functioned cultivation device, stylishly designed to incorporate into any interior. It is worth to mention that usage of grower does not require obtaining any agronomic skills or special knowledge of the vegetation process.

All operations related to photosynthesis are pre-programmed and fully automated. The device also includes a climate control system to allow fast fruitful vegetation.

Users can effortlessly control and monitor cultivation cycles with their smartphone or tablet, making the experience almost game-like.

What Makes it Unique?

The ATF Home Grower runs on hydroponics and advanced LED lighting. Hydroponics is a soil-free cultivation technology produces higher yields with lower effort farming while LED lighting, if correctly used, gives plants better growth stimulation than its sun-catching counterparts do.

The fact that growth is soil-free eliminates the risk of diseases or pests. No weeding or special monitoring is needed. Users’ only job is to plant and enjoy organic food avoiding long queues on the farmers market and hefty price tag.

The innovative technology that powers the device eliminate necessity to treat the plant with chemicals, so far the food will not only be delicious, but also healthy. Instead of using it to replace nature, the ATF Home Grower has managed to encapsulate and bring nature into your life for good.

ATF Token Sale

AgroTechFarm will holding an ICO campaign to raise funds for mass production of the ATF Home Growers. The project is about to expand globally, primary focusing on the US & Canada.

The pre-ICO campaign will start on February 16, 2018 and will last until February 23, 2018. At the press time, AgroTechFarm provide a 50% discount for early contributors. The maximum number of tokens issued by the AgroTechFarm is limited to hard cap of 500 ETH in the presale.

The collected funds will be used to for marketing and preparation of the ICO. The ICO campaign will start on February 24 and will last until March 24, 2018.

The enticing feature to draw investors’ attention is a substantial buyback program of 35% of the total yearly profits. AgroTechFarm will repurchase ATF tokens each year to smooth out fluctuations in cryptocurrency market.

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