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Blockchain Lottery Bitplay Club Changes the Rules of the Game of Chance

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January 30, 2018

A blockchain lottery operator brings the transparency and clarity of the game to the new level.

More and more people make money with blockchain-based solutions. Some of them made their fortune with cryptocurrencies trading, others created ambitious projects and attracted money with the help of ICOs. Bitplay Club offers an opportunity to try your luck and get some BTC just by winning the lottery.

People have always enjoyed gambling: an opportunity to get rich overnight is attracting millions of players to all kinds of lotteries. However, the level of their credibility leaves much to be desired. Traditional lotteries create lots of opportunities for frauds and cast doubts on integrity. All in all, these factors provoke public dissatisfaction.

Blockchain-based solution may give a second life to the lotteries. Bitplay Club offers an alternative version of this game of chance. The main advantages come from the technology used to implement this “provably fair Bitcoin lottery” – as its creators call it.

Transparency is the Key

Lotteries are often blamed for using weird mechanisms of choosing the winning sequence of numbers. That provokes suspicion and lack of trust in the game. Bitplay Club decided to avoid this mistake. The Bitcoin lottery reveals the mechanics of calculating drawn numbers.

The lottery uses its own formula that can be found on the official site of Bitplay Club. There are three variables that are included into calculation: hash and height of recently found odd blocks and their previous block’s hash. One does not have to be a software developer to try to calculate these numbers – in-built Calculator allows testing it on the same page.

Bitplay Club believes that such a detailed algorithm that can easily be proved builds confidence in the results of the lottery. They also provide users with the statistics on drawn numbers encouraging them to analyze their game strategy.

Everyone Wants to Hit the Jackpot

The fact that the lottery is trustless may have its merits, but the main attraction is still the jackpot. Bitplay Club will make a lucky one 4.26 BTC richer. The price for the ticket is only 0.0001 BTC. There have been 50 draws since the lottery’s launch on December 8, 2017, but the main prize is still waiting for the winner.

Blockchain made it possible to ensure that the prize payments are prompt. The BTC won may be withdrawn to a wallet, exchanged or used to buy new tickets.

Bitplay Club team does its best to provide better user experience. The company pays attention to the customers’ feedback and continues developing the product. While trying to make this lottery perfect, the team is also planning the expansion. Bitplay Club has an ambition to become the major lottery operator in the blockchain sphere and promote its values of transparency and credibility. The company has already announced the systematic appearance of new lottery products.

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