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Calvin Ayre’s Bitcoin SV Sponsors Pool Premier League

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August 06, 2019


Calvin Ayre’s Bitcoin SV Sponsors Pool Premier League | BTCMANAGER

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Bitcoin SV behind a pool playing superstar

 Bitcoin SV (BSV), the altcoin operated by Craig Wright, one of the most controversial personalities in the cryptoverse, has announced that the International Professional Pool Association (IPA) has agreed to a sponsorship package with Calvin Ayre, a BSV promoter in a bid to facilitate the upcoming Bitcoin SV Pool Premier League live on FreeSports. This according to a press release, August 5, 2019,

IPA and Calvin Ayre Enter into Agreement

As stated in its press release, IPA has inked a sponsorship deal with Calvin Ayre which will enable Bitcoin SV to become the headline sponsor of the Pool Premier League which will be aired live on Freeview 64, Virgin 553, and Sky 422.

According to the team, the Pool Premier League will kick off at 7:30 pm (UK time) on August 5, 2019, with 45 hours prime time TV coverage and 15 weeks continuous coverage.

Interestingly, the team has hinted that winners of the competition will get their prize money paid in Bitcoin SV, the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Most Scalable Blockchain?

According to the press, BSV is the only cryptocurrency whose blockchain scales significantly and has a robust utility, at the moment.

Bitcoin SV is also the only coin whose protocols are a set-in-stone for its developers to work on and the only virtual asset that adheres to bitcoin’s whitepaper. In fact, BSV is bitcoin, per the press.

Calvin Ayre while making comments about the sponsorship deal, said this is an opportunity to get the BSV message out to a broad audience, and as an individual who has shown interest in the sport over the years, he is looking forward to seeing how the game should really be played.

Also commenting on the deal, Kevin Barton, Chairman of the IPA, said:

“Pool is one of the world’s only truly global sports and it great to have a new sponsor on-board that is a ground-breaker in financial technology. I am on a steep learning curve at the moment but the world of Bitcoin SV is fascinating.”

Unending Controversies

It’s worth noting Bitcoin SV and its creator, Craig Wright, the self-acclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto who filed a copyright claim for Bitcoin and its whitepaper earlier in May 2019, have been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late.

In April 2019, Wright got into the black books of several highly reputed members of the cryptospace including Holdlonaut and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao when he filed lawsuits against them for questioning his claims of being the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

On April 12, 2019, BTCManager reported that leading crypto exchanges like Binance, Kraken, and others had launched a delist Bitcoin SV campaign, a move that significantly crashed the price of the altcoin.

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