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CoinMetro Team up with Top Industrial Advisors and Blockchain PR Leader

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March 15, 2018

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A startup like none other, CoinMetro is one service that understands the need of its users. With a dedicated team of professionals, the platform knows what is required for cryptocurrencies to be mainstream and, subsequently, what must be done to ensure user satisfaction. To this effect, the multi financial service crypto platform is on the path to get top notch expertise for every aspect of the processes within the platform.

Multi Pronged Strategy

CoinMetro, as a platform that is developing crypto services for mass adoption, knows that key aspects of its services have become critical: Security and fraud prevention for customer confidence; designing campaigns that bring in users; and the most important of all: getting the word out there.

CoinMetro has recently signed up three different people, as advisors, who are leaders in their respective fields:

  • Jarno Jinmell: Security is the top priority for any online service that has high valued assets like cryptocurrencies. Jarno Jinmell has been brought into the CoinMetro fold as a security advisor. Veteran in cyber security, Jinmell has worked with StoneSoft and McAfee as Director of Cyber Security. He has vast experience in high level securities and enterprise level protection. A passionate man, he enjoys teaching at Aalto University, Finland as Professor of Cyber Security and as a Docent at three other universities.His addition means top of the line security protocols for the platform.
  • Danny de Gier: Prevention is better than cure and there is no better way to prevent financial crime than to ensure there are no chances of it happening. Danny de Gier has agreed to be CoinMetro’s advisor on fraud and financial crimes. de Gier has worked with world’s top financial institutions including ABN Amro, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and other IT companies such as IBM for 15 years.
    With experiences in leading cross border teams in implementing anti money laundering programmes, Danny is a one man army when it comes to fighting financial crime and money laundering.
  • Arjun Arora: Advisor to several companies on marketing strategies and transforming how companies should work in the digital field, Arora is man with a passion to market. He currently works as a member of Google’s Top Tier Programme in London. Obsessed with technology, Arjun Arora is a fan of disruptive practices, and keenly follows the development of Blockchain. In his advisory capacity, Arjun Arora is expected to make sound marketing strategies that will enable CoinMetro to grow its user base.

Getting The Word Out

The CoinMetro team knows that even with all the securities, financial protection, excellent products and outstanding services, it cannot grow if it cannot get its messages out to the public. For this, the crypto finance ecosystem has joined hands with the oldest of Blockchain promoters: Bitcoin PR Buzz. The firm has a well established record of working with more than 500 Blockchain companies and has handled information outflow with the highest of reach.

Their releases are published in nearly 400 online outlets, including dedicated Blockchain ones like Bitcoinist, CoinIdol and Coinspeaker; and other financial publications like Boston Globe, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq and much more. A cryptocurrency service that puts the needs of its users first with such a diverse and important addition to its working reflects the seriousness of the CoinMetro team in making the project sound.

For further information, visit the website: https://coinmetro.com/

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