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Crypto.Review Announces Unbiased Crypto Product Review Platform

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March 15, 2018

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With the blockchain revolution truly and well underway, focus is now starting to shift from a “what is” perspective to a “where to” for crypto consumers. With the steady raise in blockchain-based offerings and innovation, consumers are often stumped on where to source for genuine information and expert opinion without having to hop from URL to URL, always hoping the next one will finally hit home. Crypto.Review is brand new hub for everything blockchain that aims to become a one-stop shop for useable and trustable information.

Led by Ben Starr, a keen entrepreneur from England who has built a reputation for successfully building and managing multiple large and successful content websites such as ChooseWheels.com and ChooseMattress.com, Crypto.Review addresses the credibility concerns that often accompany crypto resource portals.

“Crypto.Review combines my passion of content and marketing with an even bigger passion of mine; blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is now my main focus, I am confident myself and the team can work together to become an authority in this niche and help consumers get the most up to date, unbiased and useful information about crypto products and services,” Ben Starr stated.

Crypto.Review will provide users with up to date information, in-depth reviews, and detailed analysis on the crypto industry. From cryptocurrency exchange to the latest Token Generation Event, blockchain updates and upgrades, forks, regulation, and development, the crypto community can visit the portal to have their concerns addressed by industry experts.

Expert Product Reviews

Crypto.Review team has been hard at work, creating detailed guides on one of the most essential services in the market; exchange platform. Using criterias such as security, features, fees and customer support, the platform’s team of industry experts rates and scores each exchange platform objectively.

Following the exchange reviews, Crypto.Review will turn its attention on popular wallet providers and types before moving into coins and tokens,  token generation events, and reports some of which have been published already.

The Blog

Crypto.Review will also be expanding its services into providing detailed and digestible information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency especially for newcomers into the industry. This is in light of the dearth of credible resource portals for beginners and the confusion that often shrouds the industry. With the vast majority of the global population possessing little to no understanding about this technology, Crypto.Review aims to help guide beginners into making informed decisions.

About Crypto.Review

Crypto.Review is a easy-to-use and intuitive cryptocurrency and blockchain platform focused on facilitating expert analysis and in-depth reviews on all kinds of blockchain products and services. The platform’s coverage will span the whole gamut of blockchain and cryptocurrency offering such as exchanges, wallets, coins and tokens, forks and token generation events. For more information please visit https://crypto.review.

Visit Crypto.Review website: https://crypto.review

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