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DATx: A Decentralized, Smart Algorithm Approach to Targeted

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March 15, 2018

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Advertising has been around as long as there has been a civilization. Ancient papyrus has been discovered in Egypt featuring sales messages, and even commercial sales messages have been found in ruins of Pompeii. As each new media came into existence, it changed the nature of what advertising was.

The introduction of the Radio introduced the human voice, as an advertising tool, pushing society to buy material items. TV combined text, visual images, and audio to shepard in a whole new era of advertising. The internet had nothing new to offer initially, but with its expanding user base, it gave a cheap alternative to a much wider audience.

From Generic To Custom Tailored

From the early days of the internet’s inception, on all platforms was generic. A large geographical area had to be identified as a single unit so that the designed ads could attract the maximum of people.

All of this started to change as the internet advanced and other technologies such as GPS, multi-website corporations, and social media platforms began to integrate services.

Each internet-enabled device led users to enter personal preferences, watch videos, post on platform’s and view websites, all from the ever evolving device of modern life, the mobile phone. This has given rise to a huge collection of individual data that Big Data companies collect and sell to advertising companies.

Ad firms can now tailor-make sales pitches to each individual and run them as banners on websites, games or in video ads.

DATx Converts Big Data Dumb Targeting To Smart Targeting

Even with the immense amount of data collected, ads run on websites and games are still based on unintelligent design. If a young music-lover searches for admissions to local colleges just once, that person will be inundated with various forms of educational advertising from then onwards.

DATx is a Blockchain based platform that changes all this. Using Big Data and an artificial intelligence-based engine, the platform treats potential ad viewers as individuals. With the vast amount of data in its banks, DATx will allow ad firms to access pre-sifted data and give the companies access to viewers who will be delivered smart targeted ads that are non-intrusive, appealing, according to individual taste.

Apart from the AI engine, DATx has the advantage of Blockchain. With each user’s data recorded permanently in blocks, the data is available to every ad firm that wishes access to it. All new information about users is recorded in the chain, creating a series of behavioral records, allowing simulation of the user’s persona to learn which ads will appease and which will annoy.

Fuel For Advertising

DATx will be charging for services rendered with its own native DATx Token. The token is described as a pure utility token that will have no value outside the platform. The only way to acquire the token is through the platform’s website as the token is not listed on any exchange. With a successful token distribution event completed, the platform is currently accepting applications for its whitelist on the next, yet to be announced token generation event.

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