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EXMO Announces Development of First Margin Loan Dividend Coin

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December 29, 2017

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Currently, cryptocurrency market is worth well over half-a-trillion dollar, an impressive growth of over 1600% this year alone. As investors acclimatize to this emerging market and increasing support from the traditional financial establishment, demand for cryptocurrency is expected to grow exponentially. Investors need access to funds to be to trade on a “grander” stage. This is what EXMO is offering with the announcement of its margin loan, EXMO Coin.

EXMO is cryptocurrency exchange platform with close to a million registered users and over 160,000 BTC monthly turnover. Established in 2013 and ranked one of the Top-10 exchange platforms in Europe, the reputable company has grown from strength to strength and EXMO Coin is the culmination of its present growth.

“Our idea is that we are establishing a dedicated margin loan fund,” says Ivan Petuhovsky, co-founder of EXMO, “Thanks to the investment attracted during the crowdsale, so that our clients can trade more by borrowing extra funds on top of their existing balance”

EXMO Coin is the first margin loan dividend token. Token holders will be entitled to monthly dividends from EXMO’s margin loan profit based on the quantity of EXMO Coins owned. 50% of revenue generated from margin loans will be distributed every month to token holders. The value of these ERC20 compatible tokens is expected to grow as the volume of margin loan increases. EXMO Coin will also be made tradeable on the exchange, paired with other altcoins and fiat.

“EXO is a token released by an existing successful business recognized around the world. We [have] researched and determined a growing demand for margin trading on the platform, and we see adding it as a part of the platform’s logical development”

To facilitate speedy development of the platform and place the tokens into the hands of early investors, EXMO plans to launch a public token offering to the tune of $300,000,000. The offering will enable the platform to raise the required funds for operations, the implementation of security features, the creation of an insurance fund for margin lending, and acquisition of its competitors through mergers and acquisition. Mergers and acquisition will enable the company increases the capitalization and scalability in the new markets.  95% of funds raised through the crowdsale will be channeled into the growth of financial indicators of the Exchange.

“EXO will be a profitable token. there will be a finite number of tokens distributed and later on traded on our platform. The token value is going to increase with the overall platform development, as the majority of the collected investment will be channeled into the growth of the platform’s financial indicators.”

Following the crowdsale, EXMO will be tradable on the Exchange alongside other altcoins and fiat currencies.

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