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Extracredit.io Announces Platform to Accelerate Blockchain Knowledge, ICO

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January 06, 2018

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Blockchain technology has taken off.

With a total market capitalization of over $700 billion and raising interests from Fortune 500 companies,  blue-chip behemoths, and renowned industrialists, blockchain technology is championing inventive and frictionless innovations in the storage and transfer of values. However, blockchain is still in its infancy and there is a dearth of skilled developers in the field. Those skilled enough have either made their fortune working with one of the numerous blockchain startups in the $3.7 billion ICO space, or are developing their own billion dollar solutions.

According to recent reports, only 20 million people out of the global population of 7.7 billion understands blockchain technology and how to harness its potentials, most of which is concentrated in developed countries. This has created an imbalance in the distribution of knowledge, stunting the adoption rate of the technology, and posing a nearly insurmountable challenge for who want to acquire this knowledge. Where would they go to learn? Who will teach them?

Extracredit.io is the answer.

Accelerating Blockchain Knowledge

Partnering with the world’s first cryptocurrency learning provider, bitcoinhomework.com, Extracredit.io is a decentralized learning platform designed to empower individuals with blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge. The platform seeks to address the shortage of skilled and qualified talent in the blockchain industry through the development of a learning ecosystem for all ages.

“Extra Credit was created with the average working-class person in mind,” says Curtis Smith, CEO of Extracredit.io, “People who have no or very little knowledge of CryptoCurrency or the blockchain”

Extracredit.io will offer tailored courses in the areas of blockchain management, engineering, development, distribution, security, and evaluation. Students will also be able to learn about cryptocurrency mining, wallet setup, algorithms, and scripts. These courses have been developed by some of the leading luminaries in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The platform will also be engaging content creators from the global community to further expand the knowledge pool on bitcoinhomework.com. These creators will be rewarded through course commissions from the students enrolled in their courses.

Extracredit.io is developing a first-of-its-kind, incentivized learning program that rewards students knowledge on the blockchain. This will enable students ‘earn’ while they ‘learn’, motivating them not only to learn more in other to earn more, but also learn better.

“This is critical as many studies point out that one of the challenges that hinder other traditional online learning systems is continuity” continues Curtis. “By putting an incentive program that rewards tokens, the founders believe that users are incentivized not just to continue and finish the program but to be rewarded with the prospect of an appreciating token”

The Token Sale

Kicking the year off on a blast, Extracredit.io announced its pre-Token Generation Event (pre-TGE) on January 1st. The event aims to put the future of blockchain education early in the hands of contributors through its utility token, XTRA. XTRA powers all settlements and rewards on the ecosystem. Unlike most offerings that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars with no product or service to speak of, Extracredit.io has a working product and plans to develop both Android and IOS counterparts to its web platform.

The token is being offered at $0.10 per token with a minimum buy-in of $10,000 and a generous 20% bonus.

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