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Hada DBank Welcomes Additional Strategic Partnership and Expert Eclii Ventures to Its Advisory Board

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April 12, 2018


Eclii Ventures I LLC, based in the US, is a global venture capital and consulting firm specializing in ICOs, blockchain, securities and cryptocurrency.

Having dealt and worked with various international organizations, the firm currently manages and advising several ICOs projects worldwide. It also recently acquired Qudos Technologies Inc.in its move to lead in the current technology entrepreneurship industry.

On becoming involved with HADA DBank, Richard Gora, Managing Director of Eclii Ventures, stated;

“We immersed ourselves in HADA DBank’s vision to revolutionize the outdated, global banking system. HADA DBank’s internationally renowned leadership has envisaged the next-generation solutions to daily transactions from POS to debit cards and e-wallets – all from your mobile device”

Mr. Gora has advised on over 15 ICOs in the past couple months.

A practicing securities attorney, he has worked on billion-dollar deals, including having represented a consortium in Uber’s $40B Series E financing. He sits on the board of directors of Eclii Ventures’ portfolio companies and is dedicated to growing the next generation of blockchain solutions.

About Hada DBank

Set to revolutionize the world of banking, Hada DBank determines to fuse blockchain technology with Islamic Banking Module.

Having recognized the challenges for customers in the current banking state, blockchain technology will ensure security and transparency, while Islamic Banking module will ensure ethical banking and investment.

Hada DBank believes in benefiting and putting clients interests first, rather than profiting without limit and ethics. Caring & Personal are be the two words that will be embedded in every aspect of Hada DBank’s corporate culture, product, and services.

Hada DBank’s Pre-ICO is currently live, with an ongoing flash sale for the 1st one million tokens going up for sale at 1ETH = 4,000 HADACoin.

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