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IQB Project: The World’s First Live-Streaming Blockchain Airdrop Platform

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April 12, 2018

Despite the robust growth of the current blockchain marketing industry, there are still some flaws that need to be overcome. Most of traditional platforms can’t provide efficient advertising campaigns and guarantee full use of clients’ marketing budget. Moreover, such platforms require extensive marketing experience, as it is hard to attract real and active users as well as track and calculate all data.

Non- transparent pricing system, limited bargaining flexibility, rising number of zombies, and low quality and expensive marketing resources are among the other problems facing the industry. As far as platforms’ users, they often remain confused by complicated marketing campaigns, as it’s hard to distinct good projects from bad ones. This eventually prevents active users from joining these platforms.

What is IQB-C? What is IQB App?

The solution may come with IQB-C – an intelligence-based interactive live-streaming income distribution platform powered by the blockchain technology. The project aims to build a new era by allowing users to capitalize on their knowledge and convert the acquired intellectual achievements into economic benefits through live trivia with jackpot. Advertising clients, in their turn, are offered efficient and transparent advertising effects.

As the first live-streaming airdrop blockchain system and IQB-C’s first landing project, IQB APP is set to transform the blockchain industry and blockchain projects that need effective marketing campaigns.

What Can IQB App Do?

IQB APP offers simple project marketing and ensures instant results for advertisers. In addition to transparent use of marketing fees, the platform allows advertisers to easily track their marketing data, directly contact with active users, and control their marketing budget, avoiding such issues as limited influence of traditional airdrops, small number of real users, and poor interaction.

“IQB-C platform grabs users’ attention at a specified time point by attracting them with handsome jackpot and casual and lively interactive online trivia show, well-suited for brand presentation with the sensational effects it generates. Compared with traditional media like TV ads that last for just under a minute, IQB-C platform can offer advertising clients ten to twenty minutes of show time to showcase their brands, being a cost-efficient option for brand advertising,” the company explains.

The company will hold a sponsored airdrop campaign for all types of blockchain projects with live-trivia game show. Those participants, who answered all questions right, will be able to share the jackpot contributed by sponsors with their own tokens.

Under the IQB-C’s plan, the light wallet development and the trial of the IQB APP demo is set to finish by the end of April. Presenting itself as a reliable team, the company finishes launching IQB App ahead of schedule. The app is now officially available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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