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Japanese Crymix Project’s Token Sale Attracts Public Attention

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March 27, 2018

Crymix, a Japanese cryptocurrency project, seeks to transfer value to the right recipients by minimizing any barriers to communication. Its sale is taking place now, with the current price 150 JPY per CRX.

Crymix is a platform that seeks to utilize blockchain technology to transform the way business is done. Produced by Crymix INC, this project is a collaborative effort between developers and the University of Tokyo.

Crymix team has been involved in cryptocurrency related business since 2013. Traditional cryptocurrency related business is focused only on issuing new cryptocurrency and its circulation, that’s why it was decided to build a foundation to create a new economic system by combining the blockchain technology and the next generation business plan with exchange of various values and its essential effects in the Crymix project. Crymix team started developing a comprehensive platform that realizes Smart Contract like Ethereum and a stress‒free remittance system like Ripple.

Doing industry-academia joint research with national university in Japan, Crymix is building a research system that enables university intellectual property, know-how and academically valuable technology to cooperate with industry. The first mission of Crymix is to realize transferring value to the right place at the right time by minimizing the barriers to the movement of the value and provide foundation of such society in which the world shares the various values in real time.

The Crymix wallet can seamlessly manage legalcurrency and cryptocurrency and also has the function as an account of a cryptocurrency exchange. Thus the Crymix wallet is a universal wallet that has no time and no place restrictions on remittance and can exchange appropriate values everywhen needed.

The reference currency for all services of the Crymix platform is cryptocurrency Crymix (CRX). It is the settlement currency at the time of using the service as the peg currency at the time of currency conversion. In the Crymix wallet, lega lcurrencies and cryptocurrencies are pegged to CRX, and any currency and value are converted smoothly and efficiently.

In Crymix Wallet, you can manage assets and purchase CRX. In the future, Crymix will utilize industry‒university cooperation mechanism with national university to accelerate further research, development, and use of proposed next generation blockchain and an original platforms using the next generation blockchain originated from Japan. Crymix will also apply for the cryptocurrency exchange industry in Japan and overseas and list Crymix (CRX) currency along with the major cryptocurrency.

In addition, Crymix will do CRX sales that utilize the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to sell CRX points that will be converted to cryptocurrency CRX. The CRX token uses the ERC 20 standard built on blockchain technology. It is planned the the funds raised in the ICO will be used as expenses related to research and development, organization operation expenses and etc.

The CRX sale is taking place for the whole 4 periods and is now in the second stage sale, with the price 150 JPY per CRX.

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