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Samsung Releases Galaxy S10 and S10+ with Built-In Crypto Support

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February 20, 2019

Samsung has finally introduced its new Galaxy S10 line. The devices offer multiple innovations including its multi-layered government-grade protection platform Samsung Knox.

The first Galaxy was introduced by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 10 years ago. This decade was a period of great technological developments which have resulted in serious market changes. To celebrate the Galaxy S anniversary, Samsung has launched a new line of next-gen smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, Samsung Fold – to address the most up-to-date market needs.

These products represent themselves a combination of the most advanced and cutting-edge innovations in camera, all-new Dynamic AMOLED display, enhanced performance, and functions.

Crypto Support in Samsung Knox

But the crypto community was waiting for these devices not because of their cameras. As it had been leaked already before the launch, the S10 and S10+ smartphones have a new feature known as “Samsung Knox” which can be used to securely store private keys for blockchain-powered applications, such as cryptocurrency wallets, for example.

Such an initiative has been positively welcomed by the public. Some weeks earlier it was even said that Samsung crypto support could make a much more significant push for crypto adoption than a number of the latest initiatives of crypto-related firms altogether. The reason is simple: not so many people are deeply in tech today but Samsung phones are used every day.

The same opinion was voiced by Mati Greenspan, eToro analyst, he said:

“The new added feature built into Samsung’s S10 is certainly noteworthy and is yet another sign that more people and companies are taking crypto and blockchain seriously.”

Though it’s not the first attempt of smartphone producers to integrate the emerging technology into their devices, the developments of this tech giant always attract enormous attention.

Let us also remind you that in December 2018 Sirin Labs, an Israel-based company, introduced Finney, the ‘world’s first’ blockchain smartphone. The device runs SIRIN OS that ensures secure mobile transactions and facilitates the usage and storage of cryptocurrency on mobile devices.

And in October 2018, HTC announced the release of its blockchain-enabled phone named Exodus that is entirely dedicated to blockchain encryption.

 Welcome the New S10 Line

The new smartphones introduced by Samsung are created with premium hardware and machine-learning-based software and are said to establish new standards for the mobile industry.

Galaxy S10 stands out from the crowd for its powerful performance. Galaxy S10+ is said to be even more innovative and advanced device that is created for clients with the highest demands.

Galaxy S10e is for those who like more compact devices without any loss of functions. And Galaxy S10 5G is designed to ensure the most speedy data exchange opportunities that are available today.

The prices range from $749.99 for Galaxy S10e to almost $1000 for Galaxy S10+. The first phones will be available on March 8, 2019.

Samsung Fold

But crypto experience is not the only feature that has wowed the audience. Samsung has unveiled a new mobile category of foldable devices and the first phone that was introduced is Galaxy Fold. It’s a rather compact device that is able to transform into the smartphone with the largest-ever display.

With such a device playing mobile games, watching videos and fulfilling other tasks are brought at a new level. It has 6 cameras and 3-way multitasking and is said to become available in the US in Q2 2019 for $1,980.00.

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