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Startup Bpay Wants to Create ‘Ideal’ Payment Processing for Web 3.0 Era

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March 26, 2018

Try to imagine a virtual wallet as it is more useful nowadays. It doesn’t require any place in your pocket. It has a large number of options connected with financial operations and not only. It is simple and fast- just several clicks for any option. It saves your time, you don’t have to go somewhere to pay your bill or purchase. It is save, as it can be available only with your pin code.

Try to imagine an ideal e-wallet, you see an electronic tool that will help you to accept, withdraw and monitor your funds in various trading transactions any time in any place, even if you are offline. Your digital wallet will allow you to conduct your trading transactions as you wish. It can be a trade deal between both classic traders, like buyer-seller or it can be a trade between you and any other virtual platforms, like e-shops, online services, stock exchange, exchange offices, etc.

Try to move on from your dreams to a real life, where  you can have your ideal e-wallet. Yes, it has been already invented, thanks God you live in 21st century. So, get acquainted, the name of your ideal e-wallet is Bpay.

Bpay.io is a service, that is based on the principle of payment aggregation, ensuring the account and exchange of all possible digital assets as a payment method with subsequent conversion or without it, into local currency or transferring to targeted bank account.

Bpay would surprise you with its variety of functions and bonuses. Тhis system will convert any token into needed currency for making your payment available exactly at the moment. This e-wallet will give you possibility to purchase not only in digital space but also in real life. You will have insignificantly low commission rate, only 0.2 %. Bpay.io will provide you with the financial license for your payments all over the world. The system will be available not only for online but also for the offline trading. You will be able to use Bpay.io where ever you want, in any part of our beautiful planet.

With Bpay you can purchase your tokens using Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Bitcoin Cash. You саn get your tokens immediately in case of purchase via Ethereum or within a week after sending the funds with ETC, EOS, BCH.

For today, Bpay.io offers you 600.000.000 BUY for public use. By the way, speaking about Tokens, it is necessary to emphasize the ICO price for Token. For the limited tokensale( pre-sale)  it will make just 0.03 USD/token, for the public token crowdsale price will make 0.08 USD/token.

Your Bpay e-wallet is a product, which will look like your private office for online retailers. It will give you the possibility to generate a wallet for most commonly used cryptocurrency, like btc,eth,ltc,ripple. This e-wallet will accept payments and will recognize assets in your private office.

Cryptocurrency payment systems have never been so easy and available before. More and more people all over the world support Bpay.io. Just immagine! The idea of inventing Bpay was already invested in $1,5 million from different people and that happened before the sale has started.

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