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Thrive: Decentralized Advertising Marketplace

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January 25, 2018

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The Traditional digital advertising industry has been hijacked by rogue players who have their way, impose complex rules to the publishers, enslave them with high fees and have little regard for the needs and brand growth of their clients.

Many a time, you will encounter instances where ads have been inserted in appropriate and irrelevant sites. The networks also charge fees that are shrouded in mystery and backed by complex algorithms.This presents a major challenge to the advertisers especially when it comes to planning for their ad budgets.

There is a need for an overhaul of the current way of business in the ad industry. Thrive seeks to change just that. What the platform does is that it brings on board a revolutionary model powered by an impressive AI that will overhaul the conventional ad marketplace and replace it with an open and decentralized market place. Some of the key components that come bundled up with this new ad network are:

  • Lowest fees for ads in the industry
  • Fast Payouts to ad Publishers
  • Meritocratic compensation for ad consumers
  • Transparent rules for the ad publishers
  • The first Blockchain created for marketing needs: Fast and Cost free for the users.


Thrive Labs is fully owned and managed by Weboom Ltd. Company. It is actively involved in the VAS industry with a huge presence in over 9 international markets. They bring on board the requisite skill and experience needed to make the project a success.

Thrive has been registered in Malta since January 2017 under registration Number C79094.

The Product

Thrive seeks to offer a model that is quite different from the conventional advertising industry. On the publisher side, Thrive will ensure that rules required for the publishers are simple and open. The platform will also offer the lowest fees in the network for the ads.

Reviewers of the publishers across different communities will be rewarded based on an innovative AI model that will not only look at one review but cross cut across multiple submissions to come up with one holistic review. This will encourage the publishers to be keen on their web content while at the same time spur users to visit these sites.

Thrive will work with advertisers to ensure that their ads are placed on appropriate sites that will in turn drive up real demand for their products.

This will be possible due to anonymous data shared by the consumers that for the first time will be rewarded for it.

To bring all this to the market, Thrive will have an advertising exchange that will be used for real time bidding by the publishers. On the exchange, the publishers will then go ahead and filter out the kind of ads they would like to insert on their sites as well as the price for their banners and a host of other technical specifications. An AI will also be hosted whose main use is compensation for the reviews that have been submitted. The AI will collate and arrange community reviews for the client websites. It will also identify the core issues and areas that need to be worked on for the client websites.

The Platform is run on blockchain technology and utilizes Proof Of Stake.


Thrive tokens (THRT) are ERC-20 Compliant Tokens and are currently available for Private Investors and VCs on a discount of 40%.

This private sale is ongoing until the start of Public Pre-Sale.
Whitelist is already open for Public Pre-Sale starting on Feb 15% with 7000+ users already registered.

The total supply of the tokens has been capped at 200 million THRT + Bonus.

Thrive has a hard cap target of 25 Million Euros.

1 THRT corresponds to 0.25 EUR.

Thrive tokens will be issued once the sale has been completed.
The Coins are going to be used as Utility coins for the platform services.

Join Thrive Telegram live Chat to learn more.
Website: ico.thrivelabs.io

Registration: reg.thrivelabs.io

Telegram: t.me/thriveico

Facebook: facebook.com/thrivelabs.io

Twitter: twitter.com/WeareThrivelabs

Email: [email protected]


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