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VIMANA to Launch Blockchain Aerospace Solution, Aims to Raise $35 Million with Token Sale

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January 18, 2018

VIMANA Global, one of the leading companies within the emerging blockchain airspace industry, has announced plans to launch its Token Generation Event (TGE) this year. The company has already launched a private pre-sale whitelist as the first stage of the upcoming event.

VIMANA is among the few companies in the aerospace industry that have a Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) prototype designed for use in urban areas as an air limo, air taxi, or as a dual-purpose passenger and cargo hauler. Based on the patent-pending technology, the vehicles are supposed to unite the capabilities of an airplane, a drone, and a helicopter in one platform.

In 2017, VIMANA finished its angel funding round, raising an undisclosed sum that according to the company will be used to develop one-seater and four-seater prototypes of its aircraft.

“Following the success of our angel round, we are excited to formally welcome whitelist token buyers to VIMANA,” said Evgeny Borisov, CEO and co-founder of VIMANA. “VIMANA is uniquely positioned to make a major Urban Air Mobility impact by solving the looming traffic congestion infrastructure crisis; by putting Smart Cities into the driver’s seat with VIMANA’s blockchain-based air traffic control network that can be used with third-party AAVs and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and by making Smart Cities a part of Blockchain Airspace economy.”

Under the company’s plan, it will use the blockchain technology to provide the Smart City Blockchain Airspace network to control AAVs and other aircraft used in the city.

VIMANA’s second-generation AAV prototype will be the key part of Blockchain Airspace, as it will provide facilities necessary for keeping blockchain in the air both to control drone air traffic and enable blockchain applications specific to the airspace. The location for the first Smart City project is planned to be announced in 2018.

The upcoming sale of its VAIR tokens will allow VIMANA to finance its new blockchain-powered aerospace solution. According to the company, it is planning to attract $35 million during the event. Buyers will be able to use Blockchain Airspace and access VIMANA AAVs using the tokens.

The date of the sale is unknown yet and will be announced in early 2018. VIMANA is now preparing a private pre-sale white list of qualified buyers who will get the chance to purchase the tokens before the official start of the TGE.

“While VIMANA’s story will start with a single Smart City deployment, eventually we are hoping to scale VIMANA Network, production of VIMANA AAVs and consequently Blockchain Airspace to over 100 Smart Cities around the world, linking their airspace via VAIR-token enabled Blockchain Airspace,” Borisov said.

The launch of the Smart City UAM will demonstrate the VIMANA Universe solution that will combine the VIMANA network and partner networks in a Blockchain Airspace ecosystem.

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